Resume and Qualifications

Todd M. Hall

D.U. Business, Computer Science

Work skills and Education

C-36 California Plumbing Contractor (962937) HIC Certification

Waste Water Management Certifications (L.A. County Sanitation District),(State of California Health Dept.)

Flood and Rain Water Control Certification (L.A. County Fire Dept.)

Asbestos Remediation and Control Certification (Stage 1,2,3)(State of California)

Boiler System Design and Build (Heat pump Systems)(State of California)(Raypak Inc.)

Potable Water Filtration Specialist. Including Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet, and Pressured Carbon Certification Obtain thru (Hydro Tech, Oasis Corp.)

Septic System Expert and Certification thru State of California Health Department

Sewer Treatment Certification. Design, Build, Retrofit (L.A. County Sanitation District, City of Fillmore, Ventura County Sanitation District), Pichess Honor Ranch (State of California)

Leak Detection and Line Location (Goldak Corp.)

Sewer Camera Certification (Electric Eel, Ridged) (Allstate Ins. , State Farm, Farmers)

Confined Space Certification (U.S. Institution Code)

Oil Refinery Construction. Design , Build and Maintenance (Exxon,Mobil)

Squibb Plant (Chrysler Motors) Design and Build (Air Bag Facility)(Reeves Journal)

Water Line Construction To 36" (Newhall County Water Dist. Santa Clarita Water Dist. Castaic Water Dist. Valencia Water Dist.)

Southern California Gas Company Trained and Certified (Leak Detection ,High Pressure Systems)

Backflow and Pressure System Expert.

Electrolisis Expert

Thermal Expansion Expert

Southern California Edison Sub Station Pump and Dewater (Design ,Build and Maintenance)

City of Santa Clarita Parks and Recreation Facilities (Design, Build and Maintenance )

Emergency Response Rescue and Treatment Certification (Cal Osha, State of Colorado)

Cal Osha Certification (Trench Shoring, Confined Space , Traffic Pattern)

U.S Postal Service Facilities (Design, Build and Maintenance)

Hospital Design, Build and Maintenance (Henry Mayo, Newhall Memorial, Northridge, Encino Medical Plaza, Keysor)

Pump Systems (Sewer, Potable ,Dewatering ,Grey Water, Leeche ,Heating)

Retail Design, Build and Maintenance (Valencia Town Center, Westfield, Ventura Mall, Thousand Oaks Mall, Denny's, McDonalds, TGIF, IHOP, Cinnabon, Tony Roma's , Red Robin. Many More)

State Of California Mobil Home Certification

Hazardous Waste Confinement

Iiapmo (International Plumbing Code)I have changed and rewritten Two Plumbing codes In conjunction with the City Of Santa Clarita and The Directors Of Iapmo .

Drain Field Confinement and Maintenance (Borax Corp.)

Back Water Certification (State of California)

Laboratory Design, Build and Maintenance (Borax )

Industrial Building and Design. (Baxter, Pharmaceal ,Frito lay, Braid, Lays,)( Includes Cooling Tower , Mechanical)

Cavitation Specialist

PHCC Instructor (consultation and onsite training) (all facits of Plumbing Codes)

Water Heater (Manufacture Trained from Constuction to Installation)(American, Reem,Ge,Bosch)

Low Voltage Device Wiring Installation and Service

Expert Witness In Four Pipe Failure Cases( Abs, Galvinized, Copper, Cast Iron) (Plaitiff)

Zero Gravity Systems (Chrysler Motors)

Poly Gas Piping Certified

Aqua Pex Piping Certified

Vitalic , C-900 ,Megalok, Brazing ,Transite , Galv. Copper, Clay, Sch.200, Sch 40 ,Pvc, Cast iron, Super Sewer , Transition

Emissions Exposure and Protection Expert. (Venting, Source Location, Neg. Air Pressure)

Earth Quake Safety Valve (Design Consultation, And Installation to 6")

Clean Room Design and Installation

Industrial Safety Equipment (Building Design and Installation)

Interceptor Expert (Chemical, Hazardous Waste, Sample Boxes and Clarifiers)

Hydro Jetting Expert

Irrigation Expert

Sub Drain Expert.

Fire System Build and Maintenace

FEMA Consulting (California, Louisiana)(Retro Fit)

Hydro Lifting (Buildings)

Seismic Design and Retrofit (Includes Installation)

Hardware and Tool Specialist

Consultation Design Build Water Heater Systems to 3 Million BTU all custom applications From Various Gases to Electric in all voltages and phases

Pool and Spa Expert (water fountains, waterfalls, Various Custom applications

Special Effects (Movies Done Include "Halloween 1 and 2, James Bond , Melrose Place, Terminator 1 and 2 , Bill and Teds, Just to name a few)

I have ran up to 35 men on a crew with Heavy equipment and Four State agency's on site . Including Hazardous Waste Containment.

EPA Certified

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